What is Energy Vastu?

Energy Vastu is an ancient science of Vibration (Energy) to change the Physical Reality

As per the famous Scientist, Einstein E=mc2. Energy and matter are interchangeable. By changing the vibrational frequency, you change the energy and hence the physical manifestation.

Importance of Energy Vastu

With vastu principals applied, Life force energy keeps flowing in desired way in transforming negative energy into positive energy

Gain numerous benefits by applying energy vastu at your home/ workplace/ factory

Benefits of Energy Vastu


Releases negative energies

Improves your relationships

Maintain a Positive Environment

Reduces stress and tension levels

Attract health, success & prosperity

Brings you harmony and fulfillment

Energy Vastu for


Regenerate positive energy, happiness, harmony & peace at home


Increase flow of success & profits at your office/ workplace/ factories


Energize your plot to build a home of success and happiness

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When should we follow Vastu ?

When purchasing, renting or designing an office, home or plot – where ever you wish to increase happiness, joy, success and abundance

You can also use for any existing structure or  your workplace or home interiors.

When will I notice the benefits of Vastu ?

Everything is made up of energy. When you change the energy, you change the physical reality.

Some of the changes will be right away and bigger changes will manifest as a seed turns into a tree.

Is energy vastu associated with any religion ?

Energy vastu is a purely universal phenomenon of changing the energy, frequency and vibrations to bring health, happiness & abundance.

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