Customized Workshops

are offered with a timeframe & themes to suit your personal and professional needs. They can be conducted at a site you provide- your workplace, institution..


Boost confidence, creativity and intelligence.


Awaken The Leader within.
Discover your True self



Release Stress & achieve work life balance
Have Harmonious Relationships.


Unleash The Unlimited Power within.
Live Your Full Potential


What will YOU LEARN ?

Body-Mind Balancing

Connect with Self & Nature

Relax, Rejuvenate & Recharge Self

Ancient Practices of Yoga & Breathing

Create Positive & Constructive Rituals

Identify limiting beliefs, patterns & behaviors


Art of Mindfulness

Science of Creative Visualization

Science of GOAL Manifestation

Science of Intention & VIBRATION

Art of Let-Go of negative Beliefs

Art of Connection with Body, Mind & Consciousness


You Release:


Anxiety, Fear

Shyness, Tension

Anger, Mood Swings

Negativity, Introversion

You Gain:

Peace of Body & Mind

Clarity & Productivity

Good Health & Well being

Harmonious Relationships

Vibrant & confident Personality

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