Why Corporate Wellbeing ?

Leading Companies of the world are building wellbeing in their  programs to make work enjoyable & productive experience for it’s employees.


Organisation that have Wellbeing program tend to earn more profits.


Healthier employees save you the health treatment costs.


Better clarity of mind & reduced stress result in increased productivity


Stress Free employees work more efficiently & produce higher results


It helps keep employees loyal & improves employee retention.


It results in better team work focusing on common Goal of the company

Our Approach to Empower You

We Listen

Because we take the time to listen to your needs, understand your company’s culture

Flexible and Customisable

No workforce is the same; We design &  implement the right program for you.

Measurable Impact

We monitor and provide Actionable insights & monthly report

Real and Lasting

We leave a real and lasting impact on your company’s culture.

Glimpse of Training

The Tools we use

Art of Mindfulness

Science of Creative Visualization

Science of GOAL Manifestation

Ancient Practices of Yoga & Breathing

Body-Mind Balancing

Science of Intention & Vibration

Art of Let-Go of negative Beliefs

Connect with Body, Mind & Consciousness

Create a culture of wellbing

You Release:


Anxiety, Fear

Shyness, Tension

Anger, Mood Swings

Negativity, Introversion

You Gain:

Peace of Body & Mind

Clarity & Productivity

Good Health & Well being

Harmonious Relationships

Vibrant & confident Personality


Lives Transformed

Corporate Wellbeing Solution at your fingertips


How can I organize Energize Yourself at my Organization?
It is easy. Fill up the form or call us @ 9999 791 003. One of our experts will get in touch with you and help you through the process
What are the requirements to organize a program?
Give us a call on 9999 791 003 or fill the form.
One of our representatives will get in touch with you.
What does corporate wellbeing involve?

Corporate wellbeing program involves various tools such as Mindfulness and Meditation which help your employees experience relief from stress and anxiety, while helping them to build concentration and focus.

Still have questions?
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About The Coach

Ashwani Deswal – Self Mastery Coach, an Authority on Life & Wellbeing coaching.

He is the Author of 108 Divine Seeds, NLP Coach, motivational Speaker &  a dynamic corporate trainer empowering & uplifting individuals and organizations to achieve their dreams.

His training, coaching and workshops are helping individuals and organizations in creating the changes and results they desire in their personal and professional lives.

He is philanthropist who founded Change Life Trust with a purpose to create a world full of celebration.

Ashwani is highly Energetic Leader committed to a life of excellence and Self-discovery.

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